In three short years, Rove Estate has won over 35 medals (or higher) accolades in both state and international wine competitions, competing against some of the most renowned wine regions in the country and across the world.

As one of northern Michigan’s only farm and vineyard focusing on bold wines made with exclusively estate-grown grapes,* Rove Estate believes that excellent wine comes from the terroir of the vineyard itself. Allowing the grapes to express themselves in the final product and minimally manipulating the season’s harvest creates wines that are a direct representation of the land.

Owner Creighton Gallagher, a fifth-generation farmer, is able to implement over a hundred years of experience and knowledge, bringing out the expression of the grapes, composition of the soil, and precise climate. Because of the unique elevation at 1165 feet, the landscape creates the perfect conditions for premium estate-grown grapes: southern-exposed slopes, abundant sunlight, and cool-air drainage with protection from the frost.  

* Except in the rare instance of crop damage, in which we closely partner with vineyards emulating our landscape, values, and practices.

Reap the benefits of the Rove Nation Wine Club and have our wines delivered to your doorstep twice a year. Enjoy membership benefits such as discounts, exclusive event invitations, and complementary tastings.